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Heys karate academy.  Unit 2a Longford Street, Warrington, England, WA2 0DG.  Tel 07872374414


Below are some of the questions that we are frequently asked.  If you question is not answered please feel free to email us

Frequently asked questions

What makes Heys karate acdemy different from other clubs?

There will be many great clubs out there but Heys karate academy have two instructors who have not only trained others for over 25 years but have also trained as elite athelets themselves. The academy is a great environment so even though you are learning online you will still feel as part of a team

Ive done karate before do i have to start at the beginning?

Get in touch with your grade and proof and if its shito ryu or similar to us in style then we can assess you and start when we both agree

What style of karate will i be learning?

Japanese original form Shito Ryu

How many belts are there

The grading system is as follows: White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown (3rd, 2nd and 1st) and Black